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Raise the Quality

Elevating Quality

TACCHI GROUP has been working in the field of international shipments and logistics since the early 60’s.
The history of our company can immediately be differentiated by one constant: the search for quality combined with a profound knowledge of the market in which we operate. We know what our clients want.

That is why we have developed an international network that makes us unique in our industry for reliability, professionalism, and timeliness in our operations, thus raising the quality of all of our services.

A network of over 100 agents in 30 countries

From Europe to the emerging countries of Asia, from the Americas tu Australia up to Africa, in searching of the best business partners.
A network of over 100 agents in 30 countries throughout the world, carefully selected and present in the major economic markets, permits a continuous perfection of the services offered with immediate responses and controls.

The complete computerization of all of the operative procedures enables us to provide, in real time, any kind of news on the status of shipments, satisfying requirements for quality and security for every type of business.

Tacchi group
Tacchi group

Elevare la qualità

TACCHI GROUP opera nel settore delle spedizioni internazionali e della logistica dai primi anni 60 anni.
La storia della nostra azienda si differenzia da subito per una costante: la ricerca della qualità unita alla profonda conoscenza del mercato in cui operiamo. Sappiamo quello che vogliono i nostri clienti.

Per questo abbiamo sviluppato un network internazionale che ci rendi unici nel nostro settore per affidabilità, professionalità e tempestività negli interventi, elevando così la qualità di tutti i nostri servizi.